N64 Classic Mini

What Exactly is the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

With the success of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini it can only be a matter of time till we see a N64 Classic Mini. We think the N64 Mini will follow suit when it comes to an incredible game line up and small size and authentic look of the original Nintendo 64 hardware. We hope to see 4 controller support to compliment the amazing 4 player games we know and love from the original console.

N64 Mini Release Date – When will it hit the shops

Basing what we know from the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini that have come before it. We think that we could see the N64 Mini later in the year and certainly in time for the Christmas period. Make sure to sign up to be kept up to date about all the release details. See the pervious Mini released dates below.

December 2016 – NES Classic Mini
September 2017 – SNES Classic Mini

N64 Mini Price – What will it cost you

This one is hard to call but looking at all the sources and knowing the cost of the NES Mini and SNES Mini. We think the N64 Classic Mini could cost any where from £80-£150. With the higher performance needed to run the N64 games and the support for 4 controllers we can almost certainly say it will be more expensive than the NES and the SNES. But we are sure it will be well worth the cost and the wait to get your hands on the classic games you know and love in mini form!